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Mercer Genesis Chef's Knife - Short Bolster

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Chef's Knife - Short Bolster | The most versatile knife in your arsenal, the Chef's knife can be used to chop, dice, slice, & mince any variety of ingredients. Available in 3 different lengths. The granton edge is offered in this knife for the 8" size only, this edge allows for faster and easier cutting as food is much less likely to stick to the blade.

The Mercer Genesis Collection features knives made from precision forged German steel that resist rust, corrosion, and discoloration. Superior balance is achieved through the full tang that runs the entire length of the best handle in forged cutlery. The Santoprene handle is able to withstand hot and cold temperatures as well as offering a comfortable and non-slip grip, even wet hands won't slip.  The bolster strengthens the knife, adding durability and providing excellent balance for better handling. Expect easy honing, long lasting sharpness, and efficient cutting and chopping from the taper ground edge which also allows for added stability. Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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