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Mercer Asian Nakiri Knife

  • 2999

Nakiri Knife | The 7" Nakiri is a rectangular shaped, Asian-style knife that is exceptional at quickly producing paper-thin cuts of produce. Best results occur when used with vegetables without hard seeds. Available in traditional balsam wood or Santoprene® handle.

The Mercer Asian Collection features traditional Japanese cutlery constructed from high carbon, stain free German steel that will resist corrosion, rust, and discoloration while staying razor sharp. The single blade edge is taper ground, which produces long lasting sharpness, easy honing, and added stability. Calling on the rich tradition of Japanese craftsmanship, this collection provides unsurpassed performance. Each knife is offered in either a traditional balsam wood or slip resistant Santoprene® handle. The wood handled knives are packed in a wood box and the Santoprene® handled knives come in clamshell packaging. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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