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Cookie Press with Decorative Stencil Discs and Icing Tips

  • 1999

DELUXE COOKIE PRESS Crafted to stand the test of time with its classic, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum design, this cookie press guarantees efficient performance for a longer time. It comes with the perfect size dough chamber and 20 different decorative cookie stencils designed to press delicious and beautifully crafted cookies directly onto the baking sheet. You can easily adjust the size of the cookies with the turn of a knob. SIMPLY FILL & PRESS The easy to fill dough chamber and ergonomic lever can dispense 35 to 40 small cookies or 20 to 25 large cookies in a single batch. Efficient and easy to use design makes this cookie dispenser a cut above other models. The 20 decorative stencil discs and 4 icing tips are easy to switch out, allowing you to create many different cookie variations perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every occasion! GREAT VALUE Classic, durable, and easy to use cookie press that is worth the price.