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4-in-1 Automatic Milk Frother For Hot & Cold Milk

  • 5999

FROTHS & HEATS MILK IN ONE GO Whip up your creamer or milk into a silky, velvety concoction in the comfort of your home with Zulay Kitchen Automatic Milk Frother and Heater. Constructed with BPA Free stainless steel rust-resistant interior; the exterior provides an elegant and modern aesthetic look for your kitchen coffee corner. The lid is made of shatterproof Tritan material that is see-through - allowing you to see your wonderful froth creation. 4 FROTHING FUNCTIONS Features a one-button control with four settings: warm and thick milk froth, warm and thin milk froth, hot milk with minimum froth, and cold froth. Perfect for any type of espresso-based drinks, matcha latte, hot cocoa, chocolate milk, cappuccinos, almond milk, and more! It has a 150ml capacity for milk frothing and 300ml capacity for milk warming.