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Dreamfarm Chopula

  • 995

Chopula | This award winning tool is not only a super flexible spatula, it also chops! The large size and flexibility of the spatula head allows easy sliding under fragile food for perfect flips and lifts. The unique, multi-curved head shape allows you to chop hot food in the pan, while keeping your hand far from the heat, and also allows for easy scraping of pans. The clever bend of the handle keeps the head up and off your counter, keeping mess to a minimum. Made from non-stick safe nylon that is heat resistant up to 480°F. Dishwasher safe.

The Dreamfarm collection of products features a unique and colorful selection of tools for every kitchen. Each innovative piece will fill a need you never realized you had. Be sure to check out all the items we carry from Dreamfarm and get started on your next kitchen adventure!

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