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Kitchen Essentials: Kitchen Cutting Hacks

Posted by Carl Jackson on

It's the time of year for soups, stews and assorted other cold weather meals. With all of the cutting, slicing and dicing you will be doing, keeping your appendages unscathed and attached is priority one. Herewith are 5 key tips to keep your holiday cooking safe and band aid free.


1) Stabilize Your Cutting Board - Place a damp dish cloth or towel underneath your cutting board to keep it from slipping. Thin cotton towels work best as thicker material tends to cause the board to rock.  Check out our cutting boards and accessories HERE

2) Sharp Knife = Safe Knife - A dull knife is much more likely to cause injury than a sharp knife.  A dull knife is unpredictable and prone to grabbing the material you are cutting, causing the knife to slip and make you say bad words. We offer a Butcher Steel for sharpening all of your knives that no self respecting chef would be without. It will give your knives a razor sharp edge and make you look cool while using it.  See it  HERE

3) Drawer of Death - Most home chefs keep their knives jumbled up in a drawer creating an air of excitement every time they go to extract one. Save your digits and keep your knives sharper longer by using either a magnetic wall mount rack or a counter top version.  We offer both HERE

4) Get a Grip! - Keep your fingers safe and your hands from becoming fatigued by using a few simple tips on how to grip your knife and whatever you're cutting. Check out this 1-1/2 minute video from LeCordon Bleu to see how the pros do it. 

5) Choose Your Knife - Opinions abound as to what knife you should use for each job and countless articles have been written. At Ladle & Blade, we're here to help you choose a professional grade knife for all of your needs.  Check out our selection HERE or drop us a line at We'd love to hear from you and we'll personally help you find the perfect knife.  And as always, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  



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