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Kitchen Essentials: 6 Reasons You Need a Baking Mat

Posted by Carl Jackson on


There are so many tools available on the market today that it is difficult to cut through the clutter and determine which ones your well-appointed kitchen really needs. But there is one simple item that every accomplished and aspiring chef needs to make their kitchen more efficient: A baking mat.

Baking mats are made of BPA-free silicone and take the place of parchment paper, shortening and cooking sprays, making them a great way to help save the environment while saving time and money. Baking mats are available in a variety of sizes and fit in the bottom of your baking pan. Easy to use and reasonably priced, you'll wonder how you ever got along without one. Here are a few more reasons to consider adding one to your collection:
1. They’re versatile. Not just for cookies and pastries, you can also roast meat and vegetables on a baking mat. These mats withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees F, so you can use them for virtually anything you cook or roast in a pan.
2. They’re durable and non-stick. Who doesn’t hate food sticking to their baking pan? With a baking mat, foods lift off easily after baking, which means easy serving and even easier cleanup. Even cheese won't stick! These mats are rated for up to 2,000 uses, so you should get years of use out of them.
3. They’re flexible. Baking mats retain their shape and lay flat, but are completely flexible, which makes it easy to remove your completed culinary creations. Because they’re so thin, they take up very little space in your cabinet as well.
4. They’re a great prep surface. Lay this on your countertop to knead your doughs and roll out your pastries. Avoid cutting, though—while very durable, the silicone in the mats will degrade if the surface is cut.
5. They’re easy to clean. Most foods can simply be rinsed off of baking mats, while others may require a light soapy rinse. They are dishwasher safe, but we recommend a light rinse and air dry for maximum longevity.
6. They offer fast heat dissipation. The baking mat helps avoid scorched bottoms on your food as it provides a protective layer between the pan and the food. Removing the mat from the pan immediately after baking ensures a quick cool-down period.
Do you have more creative ideas for using baking mats, or are you thinking about adding one to your lineup? Check out Ladle & Blade’s baking mats here.

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